When we say that our glass have become fogged it simply means that out breath has condensed on the lenses of the glass since it had no other way to escape. The eyes are the most sensitive organ of the body and hence it needs to be protected. glass protect the eyes from UV rays of the sun, excess heat, winds, and other bad weather conditions. Many industries and companies ask their employees to wear glass for safety at work places also.

Many times at workplaces, since the safety glass cover the whole area of the eyes, they fog up due to the condensation of breath. This means that the employees have to remove them so as to remove the fog. This results in delayed work and even damage to the glass. When we talk about fogged glass, the major concern for the manufacturers of glass is that how to make glass that do not let condensation of breath.

Fogging is a very common case in safety glass. The reason behind this is that the grip of safety glass is very tight and so whenever a person breathes; the air has no place to escape and hence condenses on the lenses of the safety glass. Another reason can be low temperature at the work place. So far, we have the reasons about fogged glass, but we don’t know how it can be avoided. The various steps that can be adopted in order to avoid the safety glass from getting fogged areas follow.

Know the places where the glass are getting fogged and why are they getting fogged. At work places, one thing that can be noticed about fogged glass is that whenever a person moves from a warm region to a cooler ne, the glass become fogged.

These days many manufacturers are making glass that have a costing on them that avoid them from getting fogged or misted. They come with a life time warranty and are very helpful in case of safety glass in companies where one minute of removing and cleaning the glass can cost to the company.

One thing that must be noticed about fogged glass, that even the anti fogging lenses can become fogged if they are not used in the right conditions, for this, the buyer must precisely explain his/her working environment since the right and most appropriate anti-fogging (AF) glass can be given to them. You can contact us for insulated & Fogged Glass Replacement.