Are your redecorating your home or office? Want to give your next interior design project a sense of style, class and innovation? Then why not use decorative glass? You can use it to create table tops, windows, shelves and room partitions.

These designs can become a great focal point of any room and provide the splash of color that most rooms need. These types of glass are not only exceptionally beautiful, but the variety in which they are available, makes them an excellent choice for interior designing.

Types of Decorative glass:

  1. Crackle Glaze: This type of glass is normally found in bold and bright colors like orange, red black, purple etc. and has crackles on it in contrasted colors. This gives the effect of crackle glass paint. The best part about this type of glass is that each pattern is unique in its own way.
  2. Glitter glaze: The finish of this type of glass is in sparkling color. This adds to the look and opulence of a space. This type of glass is normally available in darker shades of blue, red and green, but you can also find them in silver, gold and copper shades.
  3. Chic Glaze: Want to use glass, but don’t want your room to look too artificial? Then chic glaze glass is your best option. This type of glass resembles the pattern of marble and other natural stones. IT is available in beautiful green, white, red and gold colors with intricate patterns on them. This glass is a great option of bathrooms, kitchens and spiritual rooms.
  4. Metallic Glaze: This type of glass gives a metallic finish and looks perfect in a pantry, kitchen or a commercial space. This glass is for those who want a contemporary look without compromising on the sophistication of glass panels.
  5. Pearlescent Glaze: Probably the most loved and latest styles in decorative glass category, pearlescent glaze provides pearl like finish. Needless to say, this type of glass adds the most elegance to an interior. The subtle look and warm colors of this type of glass fill a room with a sense of familiarity and warmth that is hard to find. The only drawback with this is the limited color options, since it is only available in white color.

In order to do complete justice to your interior, you should give due thought to all of your options and then choose a type of decorative glass that is best for the space. Don’t take a hurried decision.

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