Mirror walls have always been a fascinating decorative idea. These are the walls with wall-to-wall one single frameless mirror. Unlike normal mirrors, these have no joints, corners or designs on them. It is used in living rooms and commercial spaces to brighten the place and create a sense of space.

Mirror walls are perfect for rooms that don’t have any windows and are located in a dark area. The biggest advantage of these types of walls is that they reflect light, where normal walls absorb it. Hence, it brightens the room and makes the space look wider.

However, you have to be very careful while putting mirror walls in a room because if not executed right, the interior decoration of the room can go horribly wrong.

Few things to remember while putting mirror walls:

  1. Never put the mirror on more than one wall in a room. You don’t want your room to look like a country fair mirror house. Choose one wall focal wall of the room and put the mirror on it. Leave the rest of the walls bare.
  2. Make sure that direct sunlight doesn’t wall on the mirror wall, i.e., there should not be a window opposite the wall. Otherwise, the glare might overheat the room and also create unnecessary glare inside the room.
  3. The interior of the room should be complimenting the mirrored wall. Gold, light brown and white colors look the best in a room with a mirrored wall. Since the interior of the room reflects in the mirror, lighter shades are more suitable.
  4. The whole purpose of mirror walls is to make a room look brighter by creating an illusion through reflection. Hence, lighting is extremely important. The room should have proper lighting, which is facing away from the mirror. The focus should be on the furniture and anything else that you’d like to highlight.

If you keep the above mentioned points in mind, you can create a beautiful room with a charming mirrored wall. However, you must take proper care of this wall to ensure long life and perfect finish. If you have got pets in the house, then keep them away from the mirror because they might scratch the mirror. Also, never push any furniture or heavy object towards the wall, because the mirror might crack.

Mirror walls were a huge rage in 1970s, but they have come back into fashion. So, go ahead and turn your room into your dream mirrored wall paradise.

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