The window glasses are transparent and they have to be balanced in a low R value way. The glass can be reused for making different glass product. Glasses of window are very clear and you can see every thing out side. Glass is a wonderful material for making windows. It has lot of interesting properties which makes a window perfect. Glass are scratch resistant and they are hard. They are brittle and they are not affected by dust particles. Transparent glasses are attractive and they can repaired when it get scratched. Window glasses are resistant to sunlight and they don’t react or break down when it is exposed to sunlight. Glass windows are considered to be an excellent thermal insulator and they have the capabilities of reducing noise from outside environment. The home would remain calm and quiet. Broken window glass not only allows the entry of dust particles into the house but also it is not safe. You can easily do window glass repair.

You have to buy the replacement glass and cut it according to the measurement required from a hardware store. You should always wear safety goggles while doing window glass repair and remove the broken glass from the window frame. While doing window glass repair you should wear gloves and remove all the remaining glass. You can also use a hammer for removing the small and hard pieces of glasses. Remove the old putty from the frame and you can also apply linseed oil for easy removal of putty. Linseed oil has to be applied on raw wood to prevent new putty from drying fast. If the frame is made of metal then you can use rust resistant paint over it.

Then measure the frame for new glass and proper measurement has to be taken. You have to measure from both ways across opening and also allow expansion and contraction. The dimension has to be correct. Then install new glass using putty or glaciers. You have to carefully set the new pane of glass into the frame. Press it hardly and squeeze out the air bubbles and then hold the glass in a place and install new glaciers or spring clips every 6 inches. Seal the window pane with glaciers and all around the edges. Remove the glaciers from new glass and frame. Paint the frame and the new compound and let them dry before you clean the glass.