Window Repair

Window Replacement and Repair Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Gordon’ Glass can have your aluminum windows working like new again. We can replace locks, latches and window balance rods. This is a job some homeowners like to try to do on their own. We can supply you with the parts and give advice on installation.

We are a florida window & door glass repair company specializing in residential & commercial window repair and hard to find replacement glass. This is a great option when your window frames are in good shape, needing only replacement parts and or new Window glass, Pane, Pane of glass. Whether your windows are vinyl, wood, aluminum or composite, it’s always a good idea to upgrade your windows with glass that include energy efficient Low E Coatings. The benefits of energy efficient glass can not be overstated.

We have experienced window repair technicians with advanced carpentry skills. We can restore broken window and door glass without replacing the whole unit. This saves you money and keeps additional waste out of the landfills. There can be many reasons why your window or door is hard to operate or is leaking water into your home such as improper installation, failed window compone. We’ll properly identify the cause of your window or door issues to ensure the repair is done right the first time!